How to make google plus brand account page easily in just 4 steps

Make Google plus brand account page easily in just 4 steps using the process described below. Actually when you create account you might also need to create Google+ account. But you might get confused. When you proceed to create Google plus account, then the account created is a personal one, which is attached to your email. You might also want to create a different G+ account meant for website or Company marketing only.

Watch this video to know how to create plus google brand page in just 1 minute.

The disadvantage of using personal G+ account is that, If you change your name in your Gmail account then the name being displayed on personal Google plus account will also be changed. So what’s the solution. (continue reading)

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So to create a Brand Google plus account different from your personal account you should follow these steps. The process is pretty much easier

Step:1 First of all go to Google plus account from your personal Google+ account. Now when your personal G+ account is opened, you will see “Google+ for brands”. Just click there.

Step:2 After that a new page will open. It will ask you to create Google plus page. Click on that button named “create Google+ Page”.

make google plus brand account page

Step:3 Now a third page will open. It will ask you to enter the name of the Google plus page. Just enter the name you want to set for your new Google plus page and hit create.

make google plus brand account page

Step:4 Now another page will open. Just Click on enable button and here you go. Your Google plus account for brand or your website is ready. It is different and independent from your personal G+ account.

make google plus brand account page

That’s all. Now if you want to show your G+ page on your website you need to have the link of your account. Just Look at the top of your browser in address bar and copy the link. It will look like this one

google plus brand account creation how to

So you can paste this link, where you want to show your G+ profile. But you might need a code or plugin to show it on your WordPress website.

Please note that you can’t customize your G+ account links instantly. You might have to wait for at least 30 days to get a custom link. A custom link will be easier to read. For example the custom link for is

About Google plus

Google plus is a social networking site started by Google in 2011. It had become one of the important social networking sites along with Facebook and twitter. It was started as a result of tough competition from Facebook. The interesting fact is that the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg joined Google plus, just after its launch and have more G+ followers than Larry page. Interesting na.

If you want followers for your G+ page you should definitely make Google plus brand account page.

I hope you have understood how to make Google plus brand account page. If you have any problems write down on comments below. I will definitely answer you queries.


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